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The series is done, and out in print/ebooks (see below)

Fabled Kingdom is a 3-book story, which is out in print and ebooks. Books 1-2 will be posted online, and if you want to read book 3, please purchase it.

9-Mar-2017: Book 3 now in print! (Chapters 15-21, 240 pages)
24-Nov-2015: Book 2 now in print! (Chapters 8-14, 226 pages)
24-Mar-2015: Book 1 now in print! (Chapters 1-7, 212 pages)
BUY BOOK 1 in PRINT: My Webstore (FREE SHIPPING) || Amazon** || Lulu
BUY BOOK 2 in PRINT: My Webstore (FREE SHIPPING) || Amazon** || Lulu
BUY BOOK 3 in PRINT: My Webstore (FREE SHIPPING) || Amazon** || Lulu

**If you buy the print version, you can buy the ebook version for $0.99 with Amazon's Matchbook Program

BUY as E-BOOKS: Amazon (Book 1) || Amazon (Book 2) || Amazon (book 3) || Smashwords (All Chapters - PDF)*
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queeniechan, July 30th, 2015, 9:31 pm ( Reply )

An important announcement!
Please check the news for an important announcement! :D

Also, I'm going to several events next weekend, including a panel on Women in Comics and to SMASH convention in Sydney. Please check my website for more details!

Advertisement, October 23rd, 2018, 11:03 am ( Reply )

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